Weymouth Area Development Trust


How can digital skills help people out of ‘the poverty trap’. I studied the Poverty Trap a long time ago in school. It is when you are stuck and there does not seem to be a way out. If you take a five pound a week pay rise, you lose your housing benefit rent payments..that sort of thing. But these days, one of the things keeping people down is not being able to use the ‘internet’ and computers safely. Everything is moving online…benefits is now online, applying for affordable housing is done online…even looking up your GP diagnosis and accessing a health support group is online. Helping with homework..online. Even if you phone the council, or your electricity company you have to listen to a long explanation about how you should be doing this..online. A friend of mine had a fall and would have benefited from being able to order groceries online..but doesn’t have the digital skills to do it and does not trust payment online.

So, thanks to the Awards for All Lottery and Superfast Dorset, we are training volunteers..to train volunteers to help their neighbours get safely online. So you know what you can do safely and all personally tailored for what you need to learn to do?

Interested? Pick up one of these leaflets from your local library or (if you can) email office@wadt.org.uk and we will put you in touch with your local Digital Champion.