Weymouth Area Development Trust

Our Starfish Enterprise CoWork Hub is moving!

Yep, you knew it was coming. We have been looking for a new venue and we had some great ideas and offers put forward. So Thank you to all our supporters.

After just seven months we are going to move the whole ‘kit and kaboodle’ to the other end of the Esplanade. We will be sharing space at the Old Vicarage behind St Johns Church. (You know the one…tall spire…statue of Queen Victoria…used to be a Language School..near Wester’s).

The StarfishEnterprise@stjohns will still have the hugely fast internet, great coffee and a hard working supportive  Business Host, and we are delighted to say, every business that is currently with us has chosen to move with us. More information will be shared through the Starfish Enterprise CoWork Hub Facebook page shortly.

Sadly we can’t take the fabulous graphic done by Joe Coleman Signs with us. It will be demolished this Spring, along with the rest of Ferry Terminal Building A to create car parking spaces.

If you are interested in the Starfish Enterprise CoWork Hub then you can email Hayley  info@starfishenterprise.org.uk for more information or message through Facebook.