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Dorset Council Team Away Day at Tumbledown

A special thank you to Knighton Countryside Management, based at Piddlehinton, Dorchester for their generous donations of fencing, fence posts, gates and tools.

The Adult’s Social Services Team of the Weymouth Local Office spent the day at Tumbledown helping to get part of the site ready for next year. Alan Chambers (Locality Manager) is a member of Tumbledown’s Partnership Working Group. His teams of staff, including social workers, occupational therapists and support care workers all rolled up their sleeves to help install rabbit-proof fencing around Food Field 1, where we will be growing crops next year.

As well as Council staff we welcomed a small group of service-users to Tumbledown, who came along for a taste of what’s on offer. Working groups of six people were carefully arranged in different areas appropriately socially distanced, each with a set of tasks. There was a station for hand sanitisation and a morning introduction to make sure everyone could enjoy the day safely.

A tremendous effort by everyone, and we nearly managed to fence off the entire field! Alan and his teams made good progress and they all seemed to enjoy a day in the sunshine. Care staff encouraged service-users to consider the value of Tumbledown to them as individuals in the future. Working together and sharing tasks, being in nature and learning new skills will be a central feature of Tumbledown, who’s vision is to be an inclusive greenspace which nurtures the life giving environment to support community led growing, learning and well-being, now and for future generations.

There will be further planned events like this and if you would like to sponsor an event, donate to us or discuss volunteer groups joining us for a day please contact Clive Tuck (Project Development Manager) on or 07873 453 652