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Tumbledown Farm


Tumbledown in Weymouth is a 27-acre former farm owned by Weymouth Town Council, which is being developed into a community asset in partnership with WADT, based on the following vision.

“An inclusive greenspace which nurtures the life-giving environment to support community led growing, learning and well-being, now and for future generations.”

We started working together with Weymouth Town Council in 2019. Following public consultations at the end of 2019, several key themes emerged that expressed how local people felt the land and its natural capital might be repurposed to meet the needs of the community, and its vulnerable members.

These were identified as:

  1. Climate change mitigation and adaptation– harvesting natural resources, reducing the carbon footprint and enabling a wider understanding of the need to protect the planet;
  2. Food security– creating a range of growing areas and teaching the skills from ‘plot to plate’ enabling skills for healthy living and for preparing nutritious meals.
  3. Health & Well-being– providing opportunities for people to experience a safe natural environment rich in wildlife for emotional and physical well-being. Engaging in meaningful activities, working with others whilst learning new skills and gaining confidence through a connection and sense of place.
  4. Social Enterprise– to explore income streams including jam, pickle and chutney making; a café and growing plants in the WTC’s nursery on site.
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Friends of Tumbledown

The friends of Tumbledown are a committed group of volunteers that will help to deliver a wide range of planned and co-ordinated activities. Things like;

  • Recommending new ideas to improve and sustain Tumbledown’s mission.
  • Recruiting other volunteers where some activities require a large group of helpers
  • Supporting with the land management needed across the site
  • Bringing their skills, experiences and knowledge to help the project succeed
  • Supporting events that showcase Tumbledown, raise funds and promote its activities

If you’d like to get involved contact Clive Tuck at Weymouth Town Council


Weymouth Town Council